Downtown is the heart of San Antonio, drawing residents from across the city and visitors from around the world.

Many of San Antonio’s most celebrated cultural landmarks are in the center of the city. Iconic places like the Alamo, River Walk, San Fernando Cathedral, San Pedro Creek, Hemisfair, El Mercado, Military Plaza, Main Plaza and the Spanish Governor’s Palace that represent our storied history and culture.

While San Antonio has TEN individual council districts, THREE transformative center city projects in the City of San Antonio’s 2017 Bond will have a community-wide impact:

Zona Cultural/San Pedro Creek is the cultural epicenter of our city, where food, art and culture intersect.

The Broadway Cultural Corridor connects some of our most vibrant neighborhoods, museums, restaurants, shops and offices to our downtown business district.

Hemisfair is the world-class urban park where San Antonio meets to relax, play, celebrate and be inspired.

Together, these projects will have a tremendous impact on the way our city looks, feels and functions. They preserve our rich history and push us towards a bright future. Regardless of where we live, we all have a stake in these projects that contribute so much to our cultural identity.

Downtown is everyone’s neighborhood, and when you combine the significance of these THREE projects, all TEN of San Antonio’s council districts benefit.